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Conor Kerin

Feb 1999 - Jan 2000
Some Comments from his Book of Rememberence

“We’ll miss his smile and his chat…. He had such a kissable little head.”

“He was a thoughtful, questioning child given to exploring things with great concentration.”

“He was a proper little person who liked a pint down the pub...”

“..that’s the little man I remember, never phased, always happy and content.”

“I shall remember him as he was – a chirpy, ginger, loud & cute little boy..”

“He was so proud to crawl backwards across the room…& sit in the fire guard.”

“I could not help but notice his gentleness and beautiful spirit. His lovely smile will stay with me always.”

“We will always remember – his squeal of laughter, using our hair as a hanky, kissing his reflection over and over, stirring his bath water with his toothbrush, chewing his cot bars…”

“Conor was a one off, totally irreplaceable – he had the gift of making even the most hardened and world-weary of people smile.”